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Choose Transparent Furniture!

It lets the eye to see through it, but it also gives the impression of space. It is consistent but yet transparent. Moreover, it can be an elegant separation between two spaces that will be independent forever. Because if the versatility and because of the controlled transparency, combined with new technologies, glass has a new esthetic now, dominated by curved surfaces and spectacular geometries.

The most important enemy of glass as furniture is the preconceived idea that it is not resistant, and that it is dangerous in case it breaks.

During the latest years, the innovations in technology recommend it as a resistant material, robust and safe. Foils of 12-15 millimeters are used for the resistance structures, and foils of 8-10 mm for the rest.

The fascination of glass

Glass is mostly a liquid, not a solid, so the structure looks like the molecular one of the liquids, not like the crystalline one of solids. However, when it is heated, it becomes resistant as metals, as it passes through different states of malleability.

This versatility of glass makes its interaction with other materials so successful, especially for decorating.

Accessory, ornament, structure, architectural element, glass has tens of functions that can be used in a refined manner. Glass takes us with our thought into another world. Although it has a material consistence, it gives us the pleasure to discover it.

Where it is used

Although glass is recommended for any type of decorating style, you will need to take care about the way you integrate it, as it can give a sensation of cold. It is preferred to use one or two objects of glass with an interesting design instead of using more objects that look banal. For example, you can use a big table in the dining area, but this must be the only glass object in the room.

Cleaning the house effectively

Sometimes, you are just not in the mood for cleaning the house completely, but it is such a mess! As you can’t live this way for too long, you can think about a simple yet effective method to clean the house fast, or at least to give it a decent look. Let’s see how.

Start with the bed

The bed represents the place you sleep in the evening, but for some of us, it is the closet during the day. Start with the bed, put all the clothes in the closet, and you will see how the house gains a new look! Always try to make the bed in the morning. We know, it is hard, especially if you woke up late and your boss told you to be on time at work, but if you make this a habit, you will feel a lot better. The same argument can be used for other places of the house.

When the bed is made, the room already has a new look, it will be more spacious and you will feel a lot better in the evening, when it is time to sleep.

Remember about the clothes that you put in the closet. If you have some time, arrange those and put them in order. It will be a lot easier to find those later, and the time you spent now will be saved later!

Gather all the useless things from the house

You don’t have the time or the mood to use the vacuum cleaner, but if you take all the objects that are spread around the house, it will look a lot better. Dust the furniture a little, as this is also helpful for your health. If you don’t have the time for all of them, at least put them in a basket, and in the weekend, you will find their places with ease.

How Can You Decorate the Children’s Room?

The children are the heart of a family, and while decorating the house, you must not neglect it. This is why you need to pay great attention to details, such as security, esthetic and usefulness, and they must all be correlated with the personality of your child.

As there is no “nice old lady” and a “quiet kid”, you will have to remember that there will never be order in his or hers room, and all the habits of the dog will be reduced to “playing”. Therefore, each corner of the room will be exploited by the child, with the purpose of discovering new ways of entertainment.

As the majority of action takes place in the floor, a thick carpet is recommended. This way, the child is protected from cold, and the knees are spared from bruises. Moreover, any fall is attenuated, and the juice glass has less chances to break. It is preferred to have parquet under the carpet, and if you want to redecorate, it will be easy to replace the carpet with one or two decorative smaller carpets.

As usual, the colors are important, and this is why you need to consider the preferences of the kid. If he or she wants to have the entire room in pink or blue, this does not mean that you will have to paint the entire room in the same color, and also the furniture and the carpet.

You can choose a dominant color that is liked by your child, and then you can contrast with white and black, green and even orange, to put it into value and to avoid monotony. It is really interesting to approach a certain theme.

If your kid loves pets, you can create an entire jungle in the room, with a tent, drapes with animals, maybe an aquarium, all in the same nuances of green, brown and yellow.

How To Clean The Bedroom in 15 minutes

You have just found out that some dear friends are about to come to visit you, and you can’t clean the house completely? No problem, there are many solutions for your bedroom and living room to look perfectly. You just need 15 minutes to transform an agglomerated room into a bright room that will look so welcoming for your guests.

You just need a basket, a bag or a box to deposit the dusty things that belong in other rooms, a vacuum cleaner, a laundry basket and a trashcan.

The bedroom should be a true sanctuary, a room where you rest, relax, and where you find your interior equilibrium. It should be the space where you gain energy, which allows you to leave your worries behind. Many times, the bedroom suffers, and it is transformed into a deposit of nothing, where you are ashamed to let somebody. Our advises will help you to clean it instantly. However, only a few of us have the right objects to do it.

Gather all your clothes in the laundry basket. As you are in a hurry, don’t think about separating the clothes. If they are dirty, it is not important anyway, when you have so many other things to do until the guests arrive. Sorting and unpacking the clothes represent a task that must be done when you have more time, before washing.

Gather the clean clothes and put them on hangers. You probably have clean clothes amongst the dirty ones. As you don’t have the time and patience to pack them as you should, you can put them on hangers for now. this way, you will clean the bed, and you will have all the time to arrange the clothes when your guests leave.

Throw away all the trash in the can. It is not the moment to decide if you want to keep the magazine collection or those shoes that you want to fix for years. throw away the objects that are useless, and deposit the others in the drawers for later.

How to Decorate In a Happy Style

Painting can create a great comforting décor, and this way, you will have a happy room where you can relax. It is important to use the walls a lot if you want to decorate a room in a happy style, but also to pay attention to the details.

If we are talking about the room of a child, besides the pronounced corners, the MDF furniture is recommended. However, considering the fact that this material is not so happy, you can stick some elements on it. This way, you can create numerous combinations that will be liked by everybody.

The bed is important because of the mattress, which must correspond to some standards of quality. It is important for your health, and this is why you need to avid extensible couches, as you will not feel so comfortable. Many people choose extensible mattresses because they look good in a happy room, but if you do so, make sure not to sleep on it too much.

The depositing places are important. You will have to keep everything in order even if it is a happy room. Choose an opened dressing with boxes, instead of the dull classical dressing with doors. It is important to have this element, as even if the rest of the room looks nice, a dull dressing is easily observed and it will ruin the entire décor.

The table and chairs are important elements. Those can have contrasting colors with the rest of the room, but make sure that they don’t look weird. It is easy to cross the line between happy and weird, and this is not the way to create a happy room.

Visit toy stores, and especially the stores that have decoration for kids. Those are great even if you want to decorate a room for adults, as we are talking about a happy room after all!

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