How To Clean The Bedroom in 15 minutes

You have just found out that some dear friends are about to come to visit you, and you can’t clean the house completely? No problem, there are many solutions for your bedroom and living room to look perfectly. You just need 15 minutes to transform an agglomerated room into a bright room that will look so welcoming for your guests.

You just need a basket, a bag or a box to deposit the dusty things that belong in other rooms, a vacuum cleaner, a laundry basket and a trashcan.

The bedroom should be a true sanctuary, a room where you rest, relax, and where you find your interior equilibrium. It should be the space where you gain energy, which allows you to leave your worries behind. Many times, the bedroom suffers, and it is transformed into a deposit of nothing, where you are ashamed to let somebody. Our advises will help you to clean it instantly. However, only a few of us have the right objects to do it.

Gather all your clothes in the laundry basket. As you are in a hurry, don’t think about separating the clothes. If they are dirty, it is not important anyway, when you have so many other things to do until the guests arrive. Sorting and unpacking the clothes represent a task that must be done when you have more time, before washing.

Gather the clean clothes and put them on hangers. You probably have clean clothes amongst the dirty ones. As you don’t have the time and patience to pack them as you should, you can put them on hangers for now. this way, you will clean the bed, and you will have all the time to arrange the clothes when your guests leave.

Throw away all the trash in the can. It is not the moment to decide if you want to keep the magazine collection or those shoes that you want to fix for years. throw away the objects that are useless, and deposit the others in the drawers for later.

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