How To Organize the Pantry

A well organized pantry is useful for any housekeeper. If all the products are put in their right place, you will not only manage to arrange the table better for a meal, but it will also be easier for you to make the shopping list. Here are some advices that will help you to organize the pantry correctly.

1. Arrange the object considering their dimensions

If you want to organize the pantry, you must consider the size of the objects that you will put on the shells. This way, the heavy objects such as mixers, squeezers and other kitchen appliances must be put on the inferior shelves. You can also put those on trays, so they won’t slip on the shelves. This way, they will be nicely arranged and it will be easier for you to find those when you need them the most.

Boxes and bottles might be hard to deposit, because of their dimensions, and this is why they occupy a lot of space in the pantry. Keep space for other items, and arrange the bottles in the backside of shelves. As they are big, they are also visible, so you will see them even if you will put other products instead.

2. Arrange your collection of recipes

Pages of magazines, notebooks and agendas where you have your recipes written can represent the cause of a mess. If you want to find the right recipe fast, without looking too much in the pantry, it is recommended to keep them all in one place.

Buy a file and arrange all the recipes alphabetically, or in another order of your choice. This way, you will make sure that the recipes will not be lost.

3. Use depositing baskets

The kitchen accessories might be a problem, especially when it comes to depositing. Baking shapes, aluminum foils, or knives can be arranged in baskets, so they can be easily found.

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