How to Take Care of Our Beloved Cat

If you love your cat, you will have to prove it by offering the perfect food, in the right quantity. It is easy to say and hard to do, especially when you see those green eyes looking at you…however, you will have to resist the temptation to give him or her too much food, if you want your cat to have a long, happy and healthier life.

You know that smaller cats need more calories than the big ones? Or that the old and less active cats need less calories, while the cats that move a lot need a bigger consumption?

Therefore, when you buy food, choose it considering the age of the cat, the weight, the level of activity and the preferences.

Feed the cat in another room than the one where you will eat, as when it comes the time to eat, she will not stay around you to beg. Moreover, you can enjoy your food quietly.

Establish fixed eating hours. The cat is an animal with strict habits, and she likes to eat at regulated intervals. Therefore, feed the cat at the same hour every day.

Avoid plastic bowls. If the cat chews it, bacteria will appear in the respective places. The steel and ceramic bowls are ideal.

Throw away what is left once the cat finished eating, and wash the bowl with hot water and detergent, to avoid spreading of bacteria. If the cat eats wet food, keep the cans in the fridge and make sure not to feed the cat from a can that was opened more than 4 days ago. Before putting it in the bowl, leave the food for half an hour to reach the temperature of the room, as the cat will have stomach problems if the food is too cold, and she will not enjoy it.

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