Tips For Washing The Laundry Ecologically

Washing the laundry harms the environment more than you believe, even if the modern methods offer you more comfort. This process is necessary, but it implies consumption of water and energy, with a major impact on nature. The energy that you use to heat the water means tons of carbon dioxide sent into the atmosphere. If you want to contribute to the conservation of the environment, you must transform washing in an ecological process.

1. Use Eco detergents

Renounce your detergent made of harmful chemicals, which can affect the health of your skin, and the integrity of your clothes, polluting the atmosphere at the same time. look for detergents made of biodegradable substances. those are beneficial for the washing machine also, as it leaves less residual materials.

2. Use the dryer less
As nice as it is to dress with warm pajamas during the winter, taken out of the dryer, you must know that this system contributes massively to pollution, the best idea is to dry your laundry with the classical method.

3. Wash in cold water

The Energetic Department in USA estimates that 90% of the electrical energy used for washing laundry is used for heating the water. Conserve the energy and money by choosing a program that uses cold water.

4. Recycle the packages

Many packing products used for washing, such as the detergent bags and the plastic bottles are randomly thrown in the garbage. Some plastic bottles can be recycled. Check the label and see how you can selectively recycle packages.

5. Load the washing machine fully

The washing machine uses the same quantity of water and detergent for a program, no matter how many clothes you put inside. Make sure to wash only when you have enough shirts and pants to fill the machine, and use the spinning programs with fewer rotations per minute.

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